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5 Why Excel Template

The five whys lean tool is something I use on my daily work, not always written (by hand or computer)  the most of the times is just spoken or thoughts, but recently I started to work again intensively with this tool and I realized the need for doing the 5w sheets easier and faster to create and fill.

I checked the internet looking for any template that gives me what i need, but i didn’t find anything so finally I decided to do my own template. And, of course, share it.

The templates is like the image below.

Example of the 5W template
This is a filled example of the 5W template

The important part of this template is the automatic generating linked lines between the diferent whys, you don’t have to relink all the whys if you move or delete any why, If you have made some Excel 5 Why sheets i think you really will apreciate this feature.

To make this template work you only have to follow one rule: keep a good tree structure, don’t mess with lines crossing whys over a row (anyway, you shouldn’t do that on a well done 5W). Remember: one row, one why and his related.

And all this Excel Template is without VBA macros!!

5 Why Excel Template v1

This is the first version without VBA macros.

With this template you can create easily a five why sheet as a part of all the other lean manufacturing tools you are used to use.

Click "Bajar Ahora" below to download the 5W template file

Download terms
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Due to a suggestion of a visitor (at the related spanish post) I made a second version, this one with VBA macros (I didn’t find another way to do what i need just using formulas)

In this second version I created two form buttons to disable and enable the selected why, it’s useful for that kind of whys that are pretty easy to solve, like: «the pressure is incorrect -> DO: check the pressure» you check it and it’s unnecessary to keep the incorrecte pressure as possible root cause of our problem.

This is a filled example of the 5W template v2
This is a filled example of the 5W template v2
This is a filled example of the 5W template v2 with disabled whys
This is a filled example of the 5W template v2 with disabled whys

Follow this link to download the v2

If you want to do any improvement or just thanks writte a comment, i’ll be very happy to read.

This is my first english post, so excuse if you don’t understand something, I don’t speak nor write english as many as I have to do it, I used to read a lot but normally technical literature but writing is something I’ve done as five-six times in the last decade, but I try! (and need to practice) 🙂

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